How We Deliver Results: Here’s a Brief Preview of Our Work Process

Startups and small businesses typically operate within a limited budget during their initial stages. To successfully run an operation, the budget has to be distributed carefully. While each business has its own way of budgeting, one thing is for sure: online marketing is among the priorities. Just because it is a priority, however, doesn’t mean it’s wise to splurge. A smart business owner will always ensure his resources are used efficiently.

When investing in online marketing, efficiency entails choosing the type of services that can provide the maximum returns for a lesser cost. One such online marketing tactic that’s cheap but can effectively drive conversions is the use of business videos. Just like text messages, business videos are tools you can use to relay your messages, share useful content, demonstrate product usage, etc.—only they’re much more gripping and facilitate easier retention. These business videos are Video Marketing SEO New York’s specialty.

Whether you are entirely foreign to this venture or are looking for a new digital marketing service provider, Video Marketing SEO is at your service. Here’s a preview of how our process works:

First, we’ll study your business’ strengths and weaknesses to determine what marketing elements we need to highlight and strengthen in the product. We’ll brainstorm the concepts with you to see what you can add for a more captivating content.

Second, we’ll gather our team of creatives to make the actual video. You’ll be updated regularly of its progress, which you may need for your marketing schedule. We will make sure to arrange a suitable time to consult you about your requirements.

Lastly, as soon as we deliver the finished product to you, we would like to request some feedback on how we can further improve our service. If you think the video needs some modifications or a bit of polishing, we are flexible enough to accommodate such request for your utmost satisfaction.

Aside from business video creation, we also offer three other Internet marketing services. There’s Local SEO to help your website earn higher ranking in local searches, web design to enhance your existing website’s aesthetics and navigational qualities, and responsive web design so you can cater to the mobile-using market as well.

We encourage you to get a free estimate by filling in the form in our Home page. We will keep in touch with you through email ( or a video chat. Also, feel free to phone us at (212) 231 1456.