Your 100% Satisfaction: Our Vision & Mission at Video Marketing & SEO

It’s our aim at Video Marketing & SEO to significantly contribute to our clients’ branding success. We work to enhance our customers’ brand awareness by boosting their online visibility, as well as by creating products that will help keep them on top of their audiences’ mind. In achieving these, we also help in fueling conversion rates. We aim for 100% satisfaction from our clients through professional and dedicated work, and to maintain fruitful and long-term partnerships with them.


Vision without action is nothing but stale air. We have identified these key elements in our service to turn our vision for our clients into reality:

To provide focused service. Our firm offers focused and personalized service, using the most effective online marketing tools and practices, including business videos, local search SEO, and responsive web design. We can confidently say that we’re very adept in these crafts.

To offer flexible solutions. We serve businesses of different sizes from diverse industries, so whether you’re serving a local area or aiming for the international market, we are well-equipped to help you meet your marketing goals. Our video products range from simple PPT presentations to complex and lengthy films. We’ll collaborate with you, evaluate your business’s strengths, and brainstorm concepts we can use to maintain your audiences’ interest. We’ll also ask about your expectations so we can fully work to meet them.

To deliver fast results. We understand that in business, time equates with money so we see to it that you get what you expect within an agreed-upon and convenient time frame. We will consistently update you of our work’s progress to help you make any necessary decisions pertinent to your marketing calendar.

To be open to feedbacks. We strive to keep our job as perfect as possible but we are also open to any feedback and suggestions our clients may have for us. We believe achieving excellence requires openness to possibilities, and viewing our work from others’ perspective. By determining areas we can further improve on, we know we’ll be capable of providing a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Work with us. We at Video Marketing & SEO look forward to creating a productive partnership with you. Find out how we can help you by emailing us at or calling us at (212) 231 1456.