The Role of Video Marketing Services in Today’s Online Marketing Scene

What makes video marketing services important for your business? Web videos are revolutionizing the way people interact with online content and, by extension, businesses. Engagement with video is also growing at a faster rate than ever. Thus, utilizing videos as a marketing vehicle is extremely beneficial for both small businesses and large enterprises. Forbes points out that this is even more important if your target audience is composed of millennials as many of them now prefer online video over traditional TV.

video marketing services

Your competitors are likely taking advantage of video already. Marketing Tech Blog noted that between 2011 and 2014, the portion of senior marketing executives who include video content in their campaigns increased from 70 percent to 81 percent. These developments came about because video produces results: Using video in email marketing increased open rates by 5.6 percent and click-through rates by 96 percent. Furthermore, adding videos to landing pages increased conversion rates by as much as 80 percent.

With that in mind, it’s no longer a question of “Should you use video marketing?” Instead, the question is “How do you do it?” One of the choices you have to make is whether to use animated videos or live action. One is neither better nor worse than the other; it’s just that they are effective for different situations.


Animation offers considerable flexibility, and the results can be fun to watch. Here are some good uses of animation:

Explaining how a software works. It can be quite difficult to show a user how a software works without an illustrated example. An animated presentation of how the software works is more effective than someone talking just about it.

Marketing a brand. Animation allows you to get creative in sending a message, and it’s easy to incorporate your branding instruments (logos, colors, fonts, and other elements) in the video.

Sending a serious message in a light-hearted package. Users tend to retain the information better if they’re having a bit of fun while receiving it.

Live Action

Live action videos take more effort to produce, but there are situations where they work better than animation:

Presenting testimonials. Showing real customers talking about your products or services is more convincing than just quoting them with text.

Showcasing physical products. Product demonstrations work better with the actual product instead of an animated counterpart.

A Reminder

Video production is one thing; the whole process of video marketing is complex, not to mention the intricacies of incorporating it with other online marketing methods. The most effective option would be to leave this task to a video marketing agency, like Video Marketing & SEO. Doing so would allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business.


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