The Significance of Local Search and How an SEO Company can Help You

It’s no surprise that the competition among business is really fierce in New York. To stand out, you need to utilize every tool you can get your hands on. In this aspect, a trusted SEO company definitely has what it takes to help you succeed.

Local Marketing

One feature of online marketing is local search. You’ll hear people say that this is extremely important for small businesses with a limited service area, but it’s also among the leading concerns of larger enterprises.

Entrepreneur highlighted the various reasons why local SEO is expected to become even more significant to businesses. Google aims to provide the most useful results to users—and nowadays, that means a more personalized experience. This is why the company is prioritizing local businesses by giving people more individualized location-based results. The dominance of mobile devices and the emergence of wearable devices only furthers this need. In addition, growing competition makes it important to get to a targeted set of audiences, and local search optimization is an efficient way of doing so.

Local SEO is a Must…

…but as with all things in the business world, you have to put many factors in consideration if you want to succeed in local SEO:


Search Engine Land highlighted the importance of reviews in any company’s branding efforts by pointing out that organic search leads to reviews that in turn lead to the local businesses. Searchers rely on reviews to get information about businesses from those actual customers. Therefore, reviews affect how your business would perform in local search results, and good (or bad) feedback would certainly reflect on your brand.

Business Listings

Yelp remains a strong player, but the Better Business Bureau is recently seeing some good growth rates. While it’s not clear yet whether they directly affect search rankings, searchers do trust them and getting your business listed in a positive light will have an effect on your overall branding.


It’s a well-established fact nowadays that lots of prospective customers access the web via mobile devices. With Google’s continuous updates to give precedence to improved user experience, the mobile-friendliness of your site will surely affect your presence in mobile search results.

Learning all about these complexities can be tough and will take time away from other important aspects your business. Relegating this task to a dedicated SEO company, such as Video Marketing & SEO, is a more cost-effective option.


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