How Effective SEO and Video Content Can Help Boost Brand Awareness

Content will always be king when it comes to the effective SEO New York businesses need to make a connection with customers. Since video includes captions and descriptions, there are plenty of opportunities to boost brand awareness with content peppered with carefully selected videos and images.


Why Video Content Matters

Video content appeals to people’s desire to see something rather than immediately read about it. However, it’s rarely one or the other. Instead, video content catches the attention of a causal browser while encouraging them to visit your website for more information. It’s this cross promotion that further solidifies your brand image.

What It Means for Your Brand

Video content, whether it be on your website, within your social media pages, or on your YouTube channel, provides an opportunity to present a story or provide valuable insights to viewers. A popular example of video branding is Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” video, which used humor to focus on the company’s holiday shipping options.

Where SEO Comes into Play

SEO comes into the picture with the text that goes along with your video content. The purpose of optimized text is to use specific keywords and phrases to help browsers find your video content when searching either online or directly on video platforms like YouTube. SEO techniques can also be incorporated into your:

• Links that take visitors directly to your videos
• Video clips visitors share on your social media pages
• Video content you borrow from other sources because it’s relevant to your brand
• Social media links to your video content
• Video descriptions for the videos directly on your website

Bringing It All Together

More than half of all people who view a product video visit that company’s website, according to a Kelsey Group study. The same study found that a quarter of those who viewed a video made a purchase from the company’s site, so clearly there is something to be said for using SEO to drive viewers to video content. Results vary based on how well video content and related text are consolidated with other online content.

If coordinating your video content with your existing online content is too time-consuming, consider hiring a marketing firm familiar with SEO and brand awareness. Do your homework and choose an SEO company New York businesses already know and trust. Working with a company that already understands the market increases your odds of seeing meaningful results.

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