Reaching Out to the New York Millennial Audience with Video Marketing

Love them or hate them, there’s no escaping the millennials as being a crucial part of your business success. They’ve grown to have significant economic influence, having a hand in moving markets to profit and, conversely, dragging them down to revenue losses.

Their attention, however, can be very flighty, so keeping their interest tends to be a bigger challenge than with other targeted age and market groups. If there’s one language they speak fluently, though, it’s technology. Having been born in an era where technology is literally just as disposable as the next batch of undershirts, their knowledge and facilitation of digital technology is almost second-nature to them.

Although there may be many passing fads and trends for marketing strategies geared towards the millennials, one that stands out and remains effective is video marketing.

Marketing Strategy

Visual Appeal

One of the bigger advantages of having video marketing for New York businesses is that it is a visual medium. Instead of having your target audience pore over boring text and instructions, they can just be guided through the purchase process with a visual walkthrough.

They would prefer to be able to see what the product is all about, with complementary explanation, and an exciting and convincing call to action instead of a long drawn out and boring lecture.

Going Viral

Even more advantageous is that videos can easily be shared, therefore becoming viral. When millennials like or approve of something they see online, they don’t just watch it and then bookmark it for later. They share it to their own set of networks, thereby essentially helping you grow your organic reach even without having to directly approach each and every one of them.

With this simple act of sharing your video, therefore, you are actually already keeping them engaged. Their awareness of your brand then becomes significantly higher for them, and now all you have to do is give that one last push to convert that engagement into an actual sale.

It may sound daunting especially if you are not that familiar with the practices involved in digital and video marketing. For this, it’s advised that you seek out professional help for video marketing services from experienced companies like Video Marketing & SEO. It should be worth the investment.

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