Reasons Why Your New York SEO Efforts Are Not Producing Results

Are you growing frustrated with a lack of superior results from your search engine optimization campaigns? If so, know that you are not the only one; this is actually a common issue that businesses who take a do-it-yourself approach with SEO face.

Reasons Why Your New York SEO Efforts Are Not Producing Results

Search engine optimization may seem easy enough, but there is actually more involved in the process than you might think. On the surface, it appears that you simply select keywords and phrases to focus your energy on, and you incorporate these selected phrases into your content. While this is the gist of SEO, there is more involved in it if you want to drive traffic to your website. By analyzing some of the more common reasons why SEO efforts fail, you may realize what you are doing wrong.

Choosing Broad or Popular Keyword Phrases

Whether you are trying to create content for Google searches, Bing searches or searches for other popular engines, the first step to take is to choose targeted keyword phrases to focus your efforts on. Some will choose very broad terms, such as “florist” or “dog boarding” when they offer services to a local market place.

It may be better to choose terms such as “florist in New York City” when trying to target an audience in a specific geographic area. In addition to focusing on New York SEO rather than broad markets, consider more tailored keyword phrases. For example, the term “florist” may be targeted by hundreds of businesses in the metropolitan area. Therefore, consider focusing on “flowers in Manhattan” or “flower delivery in the Bronx” to further refine your efforts.

Using Outdated or Irrelevant Content

Another common error that people make when creating their own content rather than when using the services of an SEO company in New York like Video Marketing & SEO is using outdated or irrelevant content.

The search engines pay attention to how old content is as well as how relevant it is to those who may be searching for the content. Therefore, make content that your audience will want to read, and write it for the target audience rather than for the search engines. When you write material for the target audience with your keywords sprinkled in, you may enjoy better rankings.

Many who are frustrated with a lack of results may benefit from outsourcing SEO to a third party provider. Online marketing can take time and effort, and it requires you to pay attention to the constantly changing algorithms used by search engines, so there is benefit associated with outsourcing the work.


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