The Impact of Video Marketing to Improve Sales for Local Businesses

The Impact of Video Marketing to Improve Sales for Local Businesses

The Impact of Video Marketing to Improve Sales for Local Businesses

Video marketing does more than just show content to people around the world. It can be used to focus attention on those within a local area. Working much like a televised commercial, online videos can be used to grab the attention of others while selling products or services. In some ways, it can be more efficient to use an online video marketing agency than it would be to pay for a television spot.

More People Are Watching Videos

More than three-quarters of people on the Internet watch video content weekly. More than half of them will watch this material on a daily basis. When considering the sheer number of people online, this is quite an impressive number. It’s believed that video content will take up approximately 69 percent of all Internet usage by 2017. This includes people that are watching material on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

Location Is Part of Video Search Results

When it comes to content, most video marketing services include location optimization. This means that your specific area is integrated with the video. Services such as these focus your material on those that have potential to walk into your brick-and-mortar business. For example, putting an informative video about your products or services on YouTube can be seen by those within your community based on their geographical area. Even promotional live streaming such as that offered by Periscope can lead to interest in your immediate vicinity.

Local Brand Recognition

Video content helps strengthen your brand online. The more people that view your content, the more likely they’ll spot your business in the real world. Many people are emphatic when it comes to correlations between the digital and real world. Some may even feel as though they belong to some kind of elite club. Emotional connections like this can be powerful when it comes to generating interest in the business or creating life-long fans.

It all boils down to engaging an online audience through a medium that is growing in popularity. Creating informative and/or entertaining content can boost local consumerism by targeting those that are likely to purchase your goods or services. Investing in video development today has great potential to impact your business tomorrow.


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