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Mobile Responsive Website

Business Websites should be accessible on mobile devices:

As technology has improved, more people have gained access to mobile internet-capable devices. Many people have more than one mobile device that can access the internet, and they may not ever be without the ability to search online. People often search for a product or service they need immediately when the thought arises, so companies that are not accessible or providing mobile friendly content may be missing out on a great deal of sales. This means that the best way to reach these consumers is to build a site with online content that can be accessed by a smaller-screened mobile device, commonly referred to as being a mobile friendly site. Online marketing professionals can help clients with these needs and ensure that they have mobile friendly sites.

Responsive Design

Responsive sites are quickly becoming the preferred method for a company website online. Major search engines like Google have recently stated that they prefer a responsive website to other methods of website build or development, and they will be rewarding the companies that use it. If you can build a site using responsive design and it is fully mobile friendly, it will receive a more positive ranking from Google than one without it. This is a major incentive for businesses to switch over to a responsive website and build a mobile website that better suits their marketing needs.

Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile responsive website will automatically detect what type of device a user is accessing the page with, and it will show the appropriate version of itself. If a desktop computer is being used to access the page, the page will show different a different layout than it would to someone using a smartphone. The basic content will be the same, but the way that it is presented will change to make it most suitable and easy to access by the user. For those creating a mobile friendly site, especially using responsive design, it is best to get professional help for creating your website. Responsive design can be challenging to program and create, especially for a webpage that is already designed using another method.

Mobile Versus Desktop Option

For webpages that are not using responsive design, you should at least be creating a mobile option. Having two versions of the website means that people can choose the appropriate version, but not everyone will notice the choice. This means that some potential clients may be looking at disorganized or hard to read material that is not suitable for their device. Companies that build two versions of the site should make sure that the choice is obvious to visitors. In practise this is done automatically when building or amending sites with code inserted into the normal site which detects when a mobile or smart phone is trying to access the page. A professional SEO expert can help with creating these sites and ensure that webpage layouts are attractive and helpful.

Companies need to make sure that they are creating web content that is accessible from a range of devices. Newer trends in technology have made it possible for mobile devices to become smaller and be constantly used by their owners. This means people search online constantly for products and services, and they often use their mobile devices to do so. All companies need to make sure that they build their sites so that they  offer mobile-ready content and appear correctly on smaller screens. Creating responsive mobile website is the preferred method for this, but other options are available.

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